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Bronx & Queens Medical Malpractice Lawyers

When a medical professional's negligent actions cause injury or harm to a patient, it is considered medical malpractice. All healthcare providers are legally responsible for providing their patients with reasonably safe and proper medical treatment. When a medical professional acts negligently, he/she may be held liable for the death or injury of a patient.

Medical malpractice laws apply to all licensed medical professionals in the United States. These professionals include doctors, surgeons, nurses, dentists, chiropractors, pharmacists, anesthesiologists, technicians, cardiologists, pediatricians, pathologists, oncologists, dermatologists, psychologists, hospital workers, nursing homes staff etc.

Knowledgeable Surgery Error Attorneys

At Peña & Kahn, PLLC, we handle all types of medical negligence cases:

    •  Surgical errors and other medical errors
    •  Failure to diagnose serious medical conditions
    •  Misdiagnosis and improper treatment
    •  Drug and dosage errors
    •  Birth injuries
    •  Failure to properly treat post-operative infections
    •  Nursing home abuse and negligence
    •  Anesthesia error
    •  Negligence
    •  Prescription drug or medication error
    •  Improper consent to treat an illness or conduct a medical procedure
    •  Failure to perform necessary tests or biopsies

    It is important to remember that just because an individual receives unsuccessful treatment, or sustains an injury while undergoing medical care, it does not automatically give him/her a legitimate cause to file a medical malpractice claim. In order for patients to successfully file a medical malpractice lawsuit, they need to prove the following:

    • The medical professional acted negligently
    • A doctor-patient relationship existed
    • The medical professional had a duty to treat the patient
    • The medical professional deviated from standard medical protocol
    • Actual injury, harm, or death did indeed occur
    • Injury or death was a direct result of the medical professional's actions or mistake

    Fighting Malpractice, Misdiagnosis and Mistakes

    In New York, medical malpractice victims only have two and a half years to file a lawsuit. At Peña & Kahn, PLLC, we understand that these are emotionally difficult times for both the patient and his/her loved ones. Our attorneys are dedicated to protecting our clients' rights, and obtaining the legal justice they deserve. We have helped hundreds of clients obtain monetary compensation for their pain, suffering, emotional distress, medical costs and financial hardship.

    At Peña & Kahn, we strive to provide all of our clients with personalized attention, compassionate care, and unwavering dedication. If you believe you received negligent treatment at the hands of a physician, hospital, pharmacy or clinic, call the medical malpractice lawyers at Peña & Kahn.

    If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence of someone else, our attorneys may be able to obtain compensation for you. Call us toll free at 888-736-2298, or use this online e-mail form.

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