When you are injured as a result of a work related accident, you are generally entitled to Workers' Compensation benefits. However, Workers' compensation will not fully compensate you for what has taken place. It will not award you for pain and suffering and it will protect your employer against a lawsuit. This is a situation in which you you may be able to pursue a third party claim against other responsible parties. The attorneys at Peña & Kahn, can help you understand your rights.
If you have suffered a workplace injury a third party action may be brought against a responsible party, other than your employer. This is especially common on construction sites where multiple contractors are present at the same time. The suit may be brought against a general contractor, a subcontractor, a property owner, a vendor, or other party who make have caused your injury. Third-party lawsuits go beyond the coverage levels of Workers' Compensation, and may include pain and suffering, and even punitive damages. The attorneys at Peña & Kahn, PLLC, will assist you and make sure that you receive any benefits owed to you by Workers' Compensation, but we will also conduct a thorough investigation and file a third party suit against the party or parties whose negligence caused your injury.
We have filed successful third-party suits when you were injured by:
Contractors, owners, and subcontractors who have failed to provide proper safety equipment, scaffolding, 
Safety nets or have simply maintained a dangerous premises.
The negligence of a customer, vendor, contractor, or other party, that causes an injury.
A car or truck accident caused by an automotive defect. In this instance a claim can be brought against the manufacturer
Exposure to a toxic chemical or substance - a toxic tort suit can be brought against the maker of the substance.
From our three law offices in the Bronx and Queens, Peña & Kahn, PLLC, has led successful efforts to compensate victims of construction accidents, crush injuries, shock injuries, burns, falls from heights and falling objects.

Have you been injured in the workplace? Tell your story to the Bronx workplace injury lawyers Peña & Kahn. Call us toll free at 888-736-2298, or write us with your story using this online form. Initial consultations are always free. In fact, you pay us nothing until our attorneys win compensation for you.

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